Wednesday, June 29, 2011

我生病了 (I'm Sick)

Third day of being sick today and didn't get to sleep much last night. I suddenly feel old. I'm bound to get better though today because I'm on the world's best oral antibiotic there is, Zithromax.  I used to peddle that stuff when I was still working in the pharmaceutical industry.  I remember that that was when I began my catering business--when budgets for meals in meetings were so small,  I did the catering myself.  

As I am still sick, today's lunch was literally just thrown into one pot (soy, hoisin, sugar, ginger, star anise, garlic) until the pork just fell apart which was about 2 hours.  It's this Chinese-style pulled pork.  I don't like fusion all that much--as in fusing flavors of the east and west together. Meh. I don't enjoy that kind of thing as most of the time experimentations of that sort end in tragedy.  But fusing techniques is a good thing, I think.  And the boy seems to agree.

The side is store-bought Mantou or Chinese steamed buns, that contains no preservatives and is trans-fat free.  Found this right beside the puff pastry (from last weeks lunch) in the frozen section of Shopwise.   At first, the boy was apprehensive of having the buns as a side as his lunch was looking more and more like a sandwich (he doesn't eat bread remember?) So I didn't tell him that this is actually a sandwich.  If you call a steak a sandwich, he won't eat it, I swear.  I don't know where he developed the aversion to bread but it's as real as my aversion to roaches.  So, ssshhhhh....

Today's lunch: Chinese Style Pulled Pork Shoulder (Pata Tim Recipe), Store-bought Mantou, Crushed Peanuts, Leeks and Coriander

PS.  I wouldn't buy this brand of Mantou again.  It tasted like styropor.  There's a Chinese deli  on the ground floor of Virra Mall (not DEC) that sells Mantou also.  That one's softer, like pillows of clouds.  Yumm.  :-)


  1. There really is a bug going around. Been sick, too. Get well soon!

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. Thanks Joei! I hope to get well soon so I can try that Max's chicken all you can. I wonder how you guys can stay so trim with all that food! :-)