Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Ich Bin Verliebt!

We had dinner Saturday night at the Timberland Heights Clubhouse on an invite. It was my first time to drive all the way up there and I had no idea how high up it was. It was pretty high up I tell you.  In some places the incline looked like it was 65 degrees and people actually go there to bike. I'll probably do that when I no longer want to live--which means never.  Anyway,  the fog was rolling in when we arrived which was a waste because the view would have been way better.  Still, one can see the commercial airplanes in a distance aligning as they waited for their turn to land somewhere in Pasay.  Pretty cool.

So about the food...I ordered the Timberland signature burger, the Kid some Fried Calamari and Baby Back Ribs and our Yaya ordered Alpler Macaroni (Swiss version according to them).  The Boy suggested that we put everything on the center of the table so we could all taste each others food, which of course was not completely correct because he doesn't eat bread that doesn't make a crunchy sound (think Pizza, Croissant).  He doesn't do sandwiches. He has never eaten a single burger in his entire life. Like ever.  (But that's another topic).   So to make the long story short, because I generally don't like badmouthing food prepared for me as I am in the food business too, we all ganged up on Yaya's Alpler mac and cheese.  We thought that it was good but could still be made better. 

So today's lunch is, in my opinion, an improved version of that Älplermagrone for the simple reason that it contains twice the amount of cheese and bacon.  It turns out that this is a peasant dish made by the sheep herders in the mountains of Switzerland.  They cooked this for its warm, rib-sticking goodness.  It is comfort food at its very best which only means that it is a calorie bomb.  Imagine: macaroni, potatoes, cream, Gruyere, slab bacon, onions. Ich Bin Verliebt! I'm in love! 

Today's lunch:  Züri-Gschnätzlets (pronounciation: Zsur-ē-Gshnetz-lets) a "ragout recipe made with white sauce, mushrooms and white wine" which I made using Pork Tenderloin, Älplermagrone with Apple Butter that I made last week.

En Guete!  (Enjoy!)

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