Thursday, June 16, 2011

Comme Ci, Comme Ça

Comme Ci, Comme Ça--I'm feeling kinda like this these days.  Just so-so.  Not overly happy nor overly sad.  Not so bad considering I could be bipolar.  Or just plain hormonal.  Either way, I'm somewhere in the area of a peaceful middle.  However, I tend to be most creative when I'm at either poles of sadness or madness.  So today's post is so predictable of me, if you know me well enough.  
It's easy, comfort food that I can just pop in the oven while I putter around the house.  I roast my chicken this way, 10 minutes uncovered, 30 minutes wrapped in parchment or foil and then another 10 minutes open.    I do it in that ratio too for bigger birds.  Same concept, longer cooking time.  And voila--a golden bird with crisp skin, not overcooked, with juices still intact. 
This will be my last post for the week since it turns out the boy is half-day, Fridays.  So no lunchbox on Fridays.
Today's lunchbox consists of: Poulet a l'estragon (Roasted Chicken scented with Tarragon), Pan Drippings and Gratin Dauphinois.  Recipes were from "Secret of the Great French Restaurants" by Louissette Bertholle (Julia Child's co-author in Mastering The Art of French Cooking--not the absentee one) published in 1973."  Bon Appetit!  
À Bientôt, mes amis.  :-)


  1. Je voudrais poulet a l'estragon et gratin dauphinois, sil vous plait? wow, its been years since french school :) anyway, Your boy is lucky to have this in his lunchbox!

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. Merci beaucoup Joei! I took some French classes myself at Alliance Francaise. I stopped after two seasons though--so very far away. Thank you for taking time to read my little blog. And yes, the boy was quite happy about this lunch box. :-)


  3. Thanks for following! I'm following back :)

  4. A derien ma cherie. Very interesting stuff you got there. Thanks for following back. :-)