Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back to the Kremlin

Last stop of this Eastern European soujourn is Russia again.  I made Chicken Kiev which the boy has been bugging me to make ever since he gave me this cook book on Eastern European food, which he gave a while back. Way, way back so I just had to give in. I don't really like making this dish because the herb butter always goes leaky on me.  Plus Thursdays, is extra stressful because the driver doesn't come so I have to bring the boy to school and run back home to bring the little one to school just in time.  Thursdays are probably as stressful as sitting between Lenin and Stalin over dinner.

Fortunately, the Chicken Kiev (which the boy said should be listed as Ukrainian since Kiev is its capital--he's a big history and geography buff) turned out quite well. What I did was wrap the frozen herb butter in some thinly sliced chicken meat before stuffing it in the breast.  That way, the chances of the butter leaking would be less.  I don't know why I didn't think of that before.  Also, I did this (as always) the night before so the chicken with its stuffing chilled properly.

Today's Lunch:  Chicken Kiev, Buttered New Potatoes and Nutella Crepes (not Russian) that I rolled Tamagoyaki style.

Na zdarOv’ye!    

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