Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning, Vietnam!-Day 2

The boy didn't get to enjoy yesterday's cancellation of classes as he was grounded from using the computer because he behaved like a five year-old (and not thirteen) Monday night.  That day, I baked this Chocolate Fudge Cake with a Classic Natilla (Spanish Custard) Filling and the icing kept weeping so I decided to not deliver that cake to my friend.  Instead, that cake remained at my home and the boy ended up eating way too much of it for his own good which I had realized only after we had this argument.  Usually he would just accept the sentence and be mumbling to himself like any grounded kid. This time however, it was horrid and horrible replete with flailing arms and screaming made worse by mother nature's apt musical scoring of perfectly timed thunderbolt and lightning (really).  Too much sugar does that to him.  It was just nasty, nasty, nasty.  Then when the sugar rush was done and tears were wiped off, he hugged me and said sorry.  I just hate days like those.

Before I realized he was having a hyperglycemic attack (if there were such a thing), I even extended his grounding to the weekend which was pretty harsh.  So when the dust settled, we spoke and I took it back.  He is a really good kid, you know.  Very obedient and follows rules even if I'm not there to remind him.  Always asks permission before leaving the house and is a sweet and thoughtful Kuya (older brother) to his sister (well--not always).

So days like those are more exception than the rule in our home--usually due to a sugar overdose, in the case of my boy.  Do your kids have hyperglycemic attacks like mine?  Try to recall the times of such bouts and maybe you can trace it to an overwhelming amount of sugar intake in the form of sweets or soda.  It may help you curb such episodes next time.  :-)

Today's make-up lunch box: Tom Cang Rim đưa tươi (Shrimps in Coconut Juice, recipe from Vietnamese Home Cooking For Everyone), Steamed Rice and a wedge of Lime


  1. Awww. Grounded.. But at least it's lifted already and he has yummy baon pa! :)

    Definitely, Maybe

  2. Yeah only for a day. Right now he's running around bugging the hell out of his Yaya of 13 years. Thanks Joei! :-)

  3. About your Metrodeal pala, I hope its not with Ensemble Etravel. It seems that they have this rep of not handling bookings well. Read in forums that they're hard to contact, won't make you asikaso until your voucher is almost expired, will tell you fully booked this and that but di naman true, etc. Someone pa nga was made to ride the roro (when the travel agency should've given them a flight!). Tsk tsk.

  4. Oh my. Roro? My kids will super freak out. But the one I bought doesn't include airfare though so I should be good there. I hope our experience won't be bad, but for sure it turns out bad--you'll hear about it. The whole world will hear about it-haha. I've tried Ensogo and so far, they're good naman. Thanks for letting me know Joei! Really appreciate it. :-)