Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Bollywood Week-Day 2

Brought the kid to school today on the way to this workshop I'm running in Makati. Put on Coltrane on the CD player to help calm the nerves which I usually have before I go on board. Fortunately, it worked.  Didn't overwork my vocal cords fighting with rude drivers--Yey!:-)

It's Bollywood week as the post said yesterday and we're doing this because I'm tired of smelling the good stuff wafting in our house coming from our neighbor's (who happen to be Indian) kitchen.  It's like some magical, mystical, secret kitchen they've got over there that I have to stop myself from ringing their doorbell if only to ask what they're making.  I can even smell them heating Roti Prata--(YUM!) which I would have put in too in the lunchbox except that it's buttery goodness when cold will transform into some pasty, sticky mess. 

Maybe I should make friends with the lady of the house and ask her to teach me no?  In the meantime, I'm sourcing my recipes from these other wonderful blogs that I'm following.  I go to Tastespotting, type in the food I would like to cook et voila--these scrumptious pictures from a plethora of food blogs come out.  Some even share ancestral recipes could you believe it?  What a truly wonderful, generous culinary world this is!

Today's lunch: Black Pepper Beef (Pepper Lamb in the blog Hooked on Heat), Buttered Turmeric Rice.

नमस्ते-- Namaste!

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