Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bollywood Week-Day 3

Namaste again my friends. We are still in India and today we will be visiting the most popular of its Southern states, Kerala.  It is erstwhile called "Gods own country" by both Indian and foreign adventurers and is likewise known as the Queen of The Arabian Sea Kochi which makes one's imagination go to places of vivid colors and song ala Moulin Rouge in the grand closing scene with Christian and Satine... it must be that beautiful and magical there.  

I'm a bit envious of my brother who has just been to Kerala (one of the many places he went to) last summer to shoot a documentary for he has seen this lush place and travelled there by train, much like the brothers Francis, Peter and Jack Whitman in the film The Darjeeling Limited.  If you haven't seen the film yet, I suggest you do.  It's a film about brothers, mothers and this crazy thing called life that happens in between and around them as they travel through India.  It isn't a heavy film at all, witty, vibrant, subtle and poignant at the same time if that's even possible-- very Wes Anderson.:-)

I made curry today with no advanced preparation.  I made this dish in less that 30 minutes based on a modified recipe from this site called Indian Food Forever.  I used Cream Dory and decided to add the spices to the flour which I used for dredging before frying it in a bit of oil.  While this was happening, I made the curry sauce in another pan.  I like packing the curry sauce separately because it has some coconut components in it.  I just do it this way so if the sauce went bad, though it has never ever happened before, his entire lunch won't go to waste.
So today's lunch is: Kerala Fish Curry (sauce on the side ala Sally of When Harry Met Sally, recipe from Indian Food Forever), Steamed Rice, Lemon and Lime Wedges and some Fried Shallots
नमस्ते Namaste!

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