Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kain Na-Part 2

Today is the boy's Math mid-terms so you could understand if I'm a bit antsy.  If you have been reading this blog for a bit, you would already know that I am not the best Mathematician in the world (what an understatement!) and that the subject causes the reverse tilting of the axis in our little planet called home.   Yesterday though, math review happened without much incident.  However, in my anticipation of such imagined problems, I grew myself I nice, plump, paroxysmal yet continuous migraine--the three day kind that you can feel even in your sleep.  So our Yaya (nanny) of 13 years is mumbling under her breath that I should get off the computer already being that I've been complaining of this headache since last night.

Lunch for today is a simple fish dish again of Spanish origin.  They say that it's like a cooked version of Ceviche because it practically has the same ingredients.  When the Chinese arrived upon our shores, they brought with them vast culinary ingredients and skills that have been likewise adapted in our country say for example the addition of soy sauce in our adobo and Escabeche (which is what's in the lunch box today).  In fact, I initially thought that this dish was an early Chinese version of Sweet and Sour Fish, because that's how it tastes--sweet and sour.  But it turns out it is Spanish.  Nice. You learn something new everyday.  :-)

I usually put all sauces on the side, but this time, I just poured it on the fish.  This particular meaty fish (Black Cod) benefits from sitting with the sauce for awhile so that it remains moist the whole time plus it gets to absorb all the sweet-sour flavor.  Also, since the sauce is vinegar-based, it is virtually immune to spoilage which makes it okay to put together with the fish.

Hopefully when the kid gets back from school, he'll have some good news about the mid-terms that will take all this migraine pain away.  Or at least he'll say he enjoyed his lunch.  Hopefully.  :-)

Today's lunch: Black Cod Escabeche (pronounced as es-kah-bet-che and not es-cah-besh), Steamed rice

Kain na!

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