Thursday, July 14, 2011

Bollywood Week--Day 4

Last post for Bollywood Week today-- and I think we will do this again.  It was a wonderful, educational trip to the mystical country, India.  The boy enjoyed it immensely.  Yesterday, he shared some of the Kerala Fish Curry with his half-Brit classmate, who according to him, was blown away--even pretending he literally was.  So the boy says he's back to hiding his lunch box-- something he did last year, when we did mostly Japanese bento boxes. :-)

Anyway, today is the first screening day of the last installment of Harry Potter and I am so excited to see it, which is why I'll keep it short. I have to work on some stuff before I escape from this Muggle world, if only for a bit. 

Today's lunch: Ginger-Chili Prawns (from the blog Hooked on Heat), Buttered Turmeric Rice, Wedge of Lemon.

See you next week!
नमस्ते Namaste...:-)

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