Wednesday, August 10, 2011

いただきます。(Itadakimasu--Time to eat)

Hello and happy morning to you.  Sorry, no post for the past two days being that the boy was on a study holiday because the teachers in his school were having a training upgrade of some kind.  Kid wasn't too happy though with the ton of homework they were tasked to do which was roughly about a truckload.  He finished it all last Monday but caught a cold somewhere around the afternoon and so he didn't get to play much.  

It must be from the sudden shift in the weather that's getting people sick everywhere.  Have you noticed the growing incidence of pocket weather disturbances?  Some time back, a tornado announced itself in the middle of the day somewhere near the state university (here in the city) toppling over electric posts and breaking open roofs of houses.  Unimaginable!  One second it's sunny like summer and then the next it's the wild monsoon flooding the streets of Manila.  Sometimes I'd be going out to meet my friends in Makati and here, where we live it'll be raining cats and dogs.  Naturally I decide to wear my trusty riding boots and jeans and something warm for my top and then when I get to the place my friends would be in sundresses and sandals looking at me like they've found our long, lost resident idiot.

Anyway, I'm rambling.  Lunch today is from one of my favorite countries, Japan (not that I've been there already, hopefully one day soon).  I love making bento.  I can't make the cute ones though because 1. the Boy said I shouldn't and 2. I don't have that much patience anymore to be making cute animals in the morning.  So instead, I make him these boxes with a variety of food in it which I can prepare mostly the night before like this Chicken Stew with Satoimo (taro).  I surfed around various blogs not really replicating anybody's but developing my own.  What I did was tucked in a piece of Satoimo inside a thigh fillet, rolled it and secured it with kitchen twine.  I then stewed it in equal parts mirin, sake, soy sauce and water (same recipe for Buta No Kakuni--slow cooked pork belly).  I cooked it until the taro in the middle was sticky, gooey and, well, so yummy.

Today's Lunch: Chicken Stew stuffed with Sticky Satoimo, Ebi Furai (Deep-fried, breaded prawns, Stir-fried Nama Udon with Shitake and Vegetables, Ajitsuke Tamago (Seasoned but hard-boiled egg--it's supposed to be soft), Rice Balls tossed in Toasted Furikake and some of Yaya's (nanny) freshly baked Chocolate Chip Cookies (as in they really just came out of the oven).  YUM!:-)

お腹がすきました。 (Onaka-ga-sukimashita--I'm hungry!)

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