Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Curries of The World-Day 2

Classes were again suspended yesterday because of the heavy rains which we're all sick of here in Manila. It's just been going on and on and on and the constant pitter patter of the rain has moved from memories of Broadway musical sketches to tribal drumbeats of virgin offerings to demigods--it ain't amusing, let me tell you.  Everybody's on their toes thinking another Ondoy (2009 worst Philippine typhoon ever) is just crouched in a blind corner waiting to pounce on an off-guard city such as Manila.  Fortunately, he wasn't.  The rain has let up though the skies still look ominous and we're all hoping for even just a pocket of sunshine today. Our house is full of clothes that won't dry!

Today's lunch was yesterday's reheated because the announcement of the cancellation of classes came only after the boy's lunchbox was packed.  Of course he ate the one in the actual picture for lunch yesterday but we made more than enough for reheating today.  May I tell you that this is one of the best curries I've made?  Like ever?  The recipe came from the blog Elra's Cooking and it is this Indonesian Pineapple Curry with Ground Beef Kofte.  I tweaked it a bit though by adjusting the spice level and I used a Turkish recipe that I've been using (made with Bulghur which you can buy at Santi's) for the Kofte which I then cooked on an electric grill.  I also caramelized the pineapple by sauteeing it along with the spice mix to bring out its natural sugars.  It was sweet without being cloying and spicy with a deep, lingering heat that made you eat more rice than you really should. Verdict?  "This is soo good, Mom."  (Thank you, Ms. Dewi of Elra's Cooking!) THAT was my pocket of sunshine amidst yesterday's gloomy, gloomy day.  I wonder what today's will be?:-)

Today's lunchbox contains: Pacri Nenas (Indonesian Pineapple Curry with Ground Beef Kofte, Steamed Rice)

Selamat Pagi (Good Morning)!

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