Thursday, August 4, 2011

Curries of The World-Day 3

The Kid's Raw Matrix-y Night Shot of a Petrol Station 
I'm writing this post late in the afternoon, nearly evening in fact because it's Terrible Thursday. I'd earlier blogged about Thursday being extra stressful because the driver doesn't come on this day and I have to drive the Boy to school and get back in time to bring the little girl to her school.  Plus the Boy got into photography after a recent trip to Malaysia and joined the school photography club.  So today, he brought the camera I used for taking the photos for this blog to school--with the memory stick of course which contained the photo for today's entry.  But it's okay.  I think he's pretty good at it too considering he's just been practicing for 2 months.  I have 2 brothers who are professional photographers and one is learning cinematography in Vancouver (he's the one who rode that train to Kerala--Post:Bollywood Day 3).  The other one just concluded his exhibit in one of the artsy joints here in Manila.  I showed him the Boy's photographs and he said they were really good.  I'm posting my favorite one here.  

Back to today's lunch which is a Vietnamese chicken and beef curry inspired by the recipe Ca Ri Ga (Chicken Curry), found in my favorite Vietnamese food blog, Ravenous Couple. The recipes there are as authentic as they could ever get so if you suddenly take interest in Vietnamese food, check that blog out.  For this entry, I used a whole organic chicken for (instead of the usual thigh fillets that I prefer) and added some beef with some marbling in it and the result was a winner, if I may say so myself.  :-)

Today's Lunch box contains: Ca Ri  & (in my poor and nasty Vietnamese that's Chicken and Beef Curry), steamed rice.

Ngon lắm (Delicious)! :-)


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