Thursday, September 22, 2011

Japanese Tapsilog (Tapsirog II)

It is stressful Thursday once again and I've been up since 3AM to prepare some special arrangements for today's catering event.  Today was so stressful that I drove the kid to school crying because we had one of our usual arguments...*sighs*.  I think the tears came as a result of a combination of things: some staff drama, not being able to have my usual cup of Joe for the past few days since the other help poured water INSIDE the coffee bean grinder, and the biggest contributor of all--this low-carb diet that I got myself into.  It's driving my carb-addicted mind and body nuts!  I'm wondering if all the trouble it takes to fit into that dress is really worth it.  And to make matters worse, in about a month, we're going to the beach!  I think it's time write a love letter to my waistline:

Dear Waistline,

I don't know how much grovelling I need to do for you to come back.  I realize now that I was wrong and you were right.  All the sweets, cakes and chocolates...the pasta, the bacon and those grilled steaks and fluffy white rice were bound to keep us apart. You are so right for walking out on me as I put that lechon skin in my mouth. 

I know that now and I am sorry.  Please come back to me.

 P.S.  I dedicate Natalie Cole's Miss you Like Crazy  to you

And when I hold you in my arms I promise you
You're gonna feel a love that's beautiful and true
This time I'll love you even better, than I ever did before...lalalalalala)

Now if it were that easy, life would be wonderful.

Today's lunch:  Teriyaki Tapa, Japanese Style Omelet, Shio-Spiced Fresh Bacon, Garlic Rice with Furikake and some Korean Chapjae

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