Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy New Year!

Whew!  And so my Christmas break officially begins this week.  I had announced on the 18th of December that we were closing the kitchen doors on 2011 that day.  Of course, I hadn't been able to do that truthfully as last minute food orders came pouring in (AS ALWAYS) even on Christmas Day!  But to be fair and somewhat true to my word, I only accepted orders from those super close to us as in people of near family status and that was it.  But.  I had a food tasting scheduled a couple of days after Christmas for the recently concluded wedding which was our very successful opening salvo for this year.  So technically, I didn't have much of a break.  Not complaining though and if the wedding last Saturday is a preview of things to come, this should be a pretty good year again for us.

Of course a busy kitchen meant that I couldn't do much of my motherly duties preparing these lunch boxes, hence the month long absence.  December is, after all, the craziest month for us in the food business.  So this part, the boy wasn't happy about.  He has been nagging me since my return from that short trip to visit family in the States to get back to making his lunch box but it truly was impossible for me to get up in the morning after having just slept a couple of hours before, as I was busy preparing food for other people.  Heck, I was even too busy to pay much attention to our own Christmas spread!  Yes, guilty as charged am I.  And so with heavy lids and still hurting limbs, I crawled out my bed and onto the floor of our home kitchen to make him his first lunch box of 2012.

It's not exactly the healthiest lunch I've ever made having filled slices of pork loin with mortadella and Swiss cheese and then deep-frying them in oil. But today, this will have to do.  And as I watched him excitedly pack this lunchbox by himself (something that has never happened before) I just know I will make a better one tomorrow.

Today's lunchbox:  Tonkatsu filled with Mortadella and Swiss Cheese, Garlic Rice Pilaf

Happy new year!  :-)


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